We expect parents to:

…take a small initiative towards understanding our preschool methodologies through attending our special informational meetings.

…urge their child towards creative development at home by the provision of space,time and materials.

…read to their children daily.

…preserve the essence of childhood by curbing the use of electronic devices.

…motivate children to participate in the activities related to different culture.

…persuade their children in the process of self actualization by exposing them to new explorations.

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The preschool provides a tranquil feel in an urban life, where the child is given personalised attention inconsiderate of the number of children, As we understand that each child need to be nurtured with special understanding and care.


Our preschool is exquisitely designed in such a way that will make your child want to spent time at this place. The design make way for independent learning and exploring new ways.

You might be a Preschool parent if you:

…question the methods inherent in traditional schooling

…understand that education is the responsibility of the individual

…trust in the ability of the child to learn from experience

…support your child's desire for independence

…allow your child to perform tasks appropriate to development

…encourage realizations through interactions with the environment

…emphasize the environment as the child’s first teacher

…communicate fully and attentively with your child

…model the significance of artistry, literacy and numeracy

…respect your child and expect respect in return

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Thanks for your interest in our preschool - we understand what an important decision this is.

Still Interested?

We ask that you sign up for one of our Open Houses so you can see the school, learn more, ask questions and receive an application.

Another way to get involved early is with our Mother Toddler classes.